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Model-making Workshop

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Model-making Workshop

In support of model-making, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment has a dedicated professional standard workshop with facilities that provide analogue and digital tools including CNC and Laser cutting machines.

The move to our new building offered us the opportunity to replace all of our tools with new, state of the art equipment. Overseen by expert technicians, students can use traditional hand tools, power tools, and have access to digital fabrication technology.

High quality hand tool workbenches are distributed throughout the studios, allowing the possibility of simultaneously combining drawing manually and on computers, with modelling and the production of mock-ups.

Within the workshop, you will find a bandsaw, various sanding machines, a pillar drill, table saw, mitre saw, a planer thicknesser, a hot wire cutter and a construction area with work benches.

For digital fabrication we have laser cutting machines, a vacuum forming machine, CNC router for 3D cutting and a CNC milling machine for precision machining on a small scale.

Here you can produce terrain models from a variety of materials and a diverse range of items from a structural joint to a mini Taj Mahal.

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